Sunday, January 29, 2006

Prayers for my daughter!

Please say a prayer for my daughter! She was hospitalized yesterday, she had another seizure. She is in Intensive Care. She was complaining of a sore throat, and we layed down and took a nap together,I awoke to her convulsing. Even though this a frequent occuring thing, its is very scary. It is a hard thing to see your child suffer. She was struggling so hard to breathe. They had first thought she need to be intubated, thank God she was breathing on her own, struggling hard, but breathing on her own. She had to have 7 doses of Adavent (Valium) to stop the convulsions. It took about 2 hours for her to stop seizing. Last night, she finally woke up. She is very disoriented, but atleast she is awake. She is not totally out of the woods, but she in progressing nontheless. Please say a prayer for my baby! She is my only daughter! I love her soooo much! I prayed day after day for this little girl of mine. The lord blessed me with her and now I pray he blesses me with a miracle of keeping her healthy. I had such an overwhelming support system. My mom,sister, husband, mil, both my sil's... we swapped out most of the night. Only 2 are allowed in the room. She is complaining about her throat and chest hurting. They suspect she has viral croup, which brought on a fever, which in turn brought on the seizure. The doctor said, it is atypical for a child her age to have a febrile seizure. In most cases, children grow out of these type seizures by age 5. Jaree will be 7, in April. The neurologist suspects epilepsy. She will be having an EEG and MRI on Monday. They are starting her on anti-convulsive meds today. If I understand correctly, she will be on these meds for awhile. I hate this! Those medications have zombie like side effects. I hope they don't plan on sending her home on any medication. She is such an active litte girl and I hate to have her be so listless.

I am so scared. So I am asking for all your prayers!

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