Monday, May 05, 2008

Happy Monday!!!!

OK!  Mrs.  Jaree is a mess!

She was reading my blog over and saw all the pictures of Bee....
She says " Mommy I know you were happy about his (Bee) prom and all, but where am I???"

So here is Jaree and all of her HANNAH MONTANA glory!!! This girl loves Hannah Montana, controversy or no controversy...
Hanna Montana shirt
Hannah Montana watch
Hannah Montana earrings
Hannah Montana bracelet
Hannah Montana Head band
Hannah Montana Necklace
Hannah Montana Sunglasses
Not shown, Hannah Montana purse and Hannah Montana bra and underwear..

Move over THAT'S SO RAVEN, now it's all about Hannah Montana...
This girl wants everything that she see's....

These pictures were actually taken on her birthday, So Jaree when you read this...
Are you happy now????

Ok, I know I am a  proud Mama, but my son, my baby went to PROM guys...
I remember when I  had to throw wipes over his little "you know what", so he would not pee-pee in my face and now he's driving and going to prom ladies...
Truly emotional moment for me....
I have to fix these pictures in Aperture or Photoshop???  But I wanted to share anyways
Sherice was truly happy Bee went on prom with her and VERY PROUD!!!

Love this shot of them, even though blurry!  Bee and Nic will probably have a DUAL WEDDING, these kids do everything together!!!!  They are TRULY BEST FRIENDS!!!
There's that freaking tongue again....He gets that from me, it must be hereditary, my tongue slips out every time I dance!!!!
Love this shot too!!!
Blurry but nice!

Love this picture too.  
Bee and Nic may as well went to the prom together, because as you can see the two of them are inseparable.  

Funny!!! They did the same pose on HOMECOMING.  Look at this post!!!!

Had a fun weekend.  Friday I saw Bee off to prom and worried like a maniac that they would return safe. 

Purposely, stayed home on Saturday, because Bee and all his friends drove to Six Flags and the oldest person was 17.  So that screams inexperience drivers!!!!  It's an hour drive and I was so scared!!!  I was going to have them just trail me there and then I was going to go pick them up, but Bee says I was treating him like an infant, so I just sat by the phone.  Katie has a NAVIGATIONAL system in her car, so I took comfort in that.  She actually drives better than the other boys who drove!! I was so glad Bee rode in her car!!! LOL 

Sunday, we went to our friends  house for a BBQ.  We ate good!!! Played Wii!!!! Had great conversation, and then I came home and crashed.  

I seasoned so much meat, I think I am going to turn Vegan...
Hot links
Parker House Sausage
T-Bone Steak
Sirloin Steak
Chicken Legs
Chicken Wings
Chicken Breasts

Didn't have to season the sausages, but everything else!!!

I also cooked the spaghetti and baked beans...
and get this....

I was the guest!!! LOL  I didn't mind.   Juanita doesn't cook and since the guys were watching the meat, I went ahead and did all the seasoning and cooking of the sides...

I also made potato salad.

I know my way around the kitchen!!!   LOL
I think that is why Baptiste has been around for 18 years....LOL

That is how I snagged my husband.  I cooked him a 6 course meal when I was 16 years old...t
Turkey, dressing, collard greens, candied yams, ham, potato salad....and a 7 up cake!!!

He told me then I am going to MARRY YOU, guess he meant it!!!

My granny didn't play....
Not only do all the girls know how to cook, but all the men cook just as good if not BETTER...

I don't mind cooking!!!  Well, I take that back.  I don't mind BAKING!!!!  LOL

Today, not much planned!

3 Loads of Laundry
Clean my room
Work out at the gym for an 1 hour
Watch Dancing with the Stars!!!!

So there you have it!

Until next time

Wow this week went by LIGHTENING FAST!!!


Adrienne said...

I will SO not show Kayla that pic! she LOVES Hanna Freakin Montana lol.

Pajnstl said...

lol I sooo remember doing those poses as a kid!!

Benita said...

Great pictures.....everyone looks so happy! Glad you had a great weekend!

Sarah C. said...

I've already had lunch - but your list of foods from yesterday is making me hungry! Sounds so good. :)

Laughed at the beginning about your DD wanting some attention too. Great photos all around.

emily said...

Your son looked so handsome(and your daughter is beautiful)! Thanks for sharing all the picts!