Saturday, May 03, 2008

Look at my baby.......

Here are a couple of my favorite pics from Bee's prom!  This kid is soooo POPULAR, he's only a sophmore and was asked to prom.  You would think it was his SENIOR prom. His Friend Sherice said she wanted to go with a "jock", I said "you mean my son Jacques", she said "no  a jock, like a popular kid".  I said are you talking about my son, she said yes...everyone knows he's the POPULAR...ALRIGHTY THEN!!!

Bee was so sharp in his royal blue...In the other pic he is with my parents and Baptiste's  mother.
The girls...his date is in the blue
Baptiste had to get a piece of the action...HILARIOUS!!!
Bee took tons of pics with his tongue hanging out of his mouth....LOL
Bee with girlfriend Katie and best friend Nic who went on prom too!  These two are literally glued together at the hip.
Like father like son!!!

Love this shot of my mom and dad with Bee, it was so windy, my mom's hair was blowing in the wind....

This is my favorite shot of the kids in the LIMO!!!!   I don't know what the guys were talking about, but I guess it was funny to Bee, because he's cracking up!!!!  I took 253 pictures....woah!!! But these were my favorites!!!!! 

Hope you enjoyed.  Will post more later, but I promise it won't be 253 pictures!!!  LOL


Adrienne said...

Too much for me!!!! LOL

BonnieRose said...

great pics... wow.. that's a lot of pics gf!