Thursday, May 15, 2008

I'm bacck!

ETA:  A few of my favorite pics of Jariel from the zoo

Took a break for a while....

but I am back...
I had to get my mind right! YOu know how that goes.
Today everyone is gone.

Baptiste is actually off, but went with Jariel to his field trip.  
I went to the zoo with him on Monday, and today Baptiste went to Hollywood Park.

Jariel graduates 6th grade this Month and he is sooooo excited!!!

Jaree is mad, because she doesn't think it's fair that Jariel has so many field trips this month.  This girl is so full of the "green eyed monster".  

I told her when she is in 6th grade then they will do the same thing...

That didn't fly over well, because I got a "What's so special about 6th graders'.

I can't keep up with that KID...LOL

I ordered the ATC HOLDER kit from QVC.  It came in yesterday....
I already bought an Atc Holder, but his one came with soooooo  much!!! 
I just had to get it...

You can see it HERE

I know, I haven't used the first one, but I still had to get it.
I plan to get scrap happy real soon.

I am such an impulse buyer and that so has to stop!
It made me think about this post from the blog.

There is no doubt about it that I am a collector!
I had to kind of chuckle out loud when she talked about the unused Basic Grey papers, still in their cellophane wrappers,  just waiting for the perfect occasion!!! LOL

I have bought so much stuff I just had to have, but have yet to use it!!
Let's see

Hambly overlays
The entire new line of Fancy pants including transparencies
Noteworthy by MM and Noteworthy 2 is coming out....LOL
Tons of acrylic stamps...

Lets just say I have used less than 25%  of the new stuff I bought this year!
I know I just heard a 'gasp', when you read this ...

My shopping habits are soooo bad!
But, I have been on a scrap roll.....

But I need to "rolling on a river", before I buy  ANYTHING ELSE.....LOL

Well, let me roll my butt out of here and go start on Jariel's album

Until next time!!!


Heather said...

Cute pictures, but why don't those boys smile!? The boys in my classroom were always like that too!
I tend to be a collector too. And you know, every time you post your new purchases I wish I lived down the street from you so I could come play at your house!

Sarah C. said...

I've become a collector of scrappy goodness too. :D And, there is something exciting about going on the hunts for the deals (ie, Big Lots, Michaels clearance). Really bad. Maybe we need a SB shoppers anonymous?

Sounds like your son is having a great end of 6th grade. I did chuckle about your DD being a bit envious. Don't the other siblings always have it better? ;)