Tuesday, February 03, 2009

A clean scraproom finally and other things...

I will never, I REPEAT ever, let my scrapbook room get that unorganized again...
it was not the cleaning that killed me..

While I was cleaning, I found out that I had a bag of stuff, that I bought and forgot about

I really llked those stamps seen up above! But they were in a bag. I had completely forgotten about them!

Found that I had many duplicates, was too embarrassed to post them all! LOL
And this was stuff, I really liked!!!! But forgot. Go figure!

So you would think after all that, I would not go out and buy anything else! Not! went to ARchiver's for one thing, and saw the cute love notes notebook, and thought Gee this is cute! Bought some more pins, because they were too cute!
Will explain this purchase later!

Went to Joanns just to browse found the cutest foil outlined chipboard letters, bought some other cute stuff, will post later!!! LOL
Now I went in ARchivers for one reason! And one reason only to get my free cardstock and use my 30% coupon for the Bind it All!!! That was the whole purpose of my trip! So I got it. It's so cute!

but so was the tool accessory kit!!! Look at all the stuff it comes with...

I really am a sucker for things that are "CUTE"

Now for teh scrapbook room

Love my ladder shelves. Thanks mom!

A peek into what's on my shelves

A very full clip it up, thinking of getting another one!

My happy basket chock full of MM goodies!!!

A very neat and organized and dusted Expedit!

A peek into my shelves!!!!

This has to be my favorite organizational tool ever!

One more look at my ladders! I really love it!!!

So there you have it. I don't have a table in my scrapbook room as of yet, I really want the potterybarn table( seen below), but don't want to pay 1,500 for it. I have a black card table set up for now!
So there you have it!!!!

I will however be making this addition to my scrapbook room! I love this shelving unit! And yes my colors for my scrapbook room is red,black, and white, with just a hint of lime greens, and turqoise!!!!

I had a very good mail day this week. My dozens kit came in! I found that some ribbons I purchased previously go perfect with it!!! I told myself NO MORE KIT CLUBS, but got sucked back in! LOL

That is all for now! Blog ya later!


Cynta said...

Girl that is a lot of stuff, looks good and organized pat your self on the back...lol

cindyn said...

You have a really nice room! I'm right there with you in regards to duplicates! And I just unpacked a sack I had from the first week in December. Crazy!

lukabella said...

I love the room. If I lived close by I would be on my way to scrap with you. Now can you come and clean mine??? It would scare your socks off!! Jenn

Planet said...

I LOVE the cubes!! SO nice and tidy!! Great job!! janet

Jen Allyson said...

awesome room! I just posted about craft rooms on my blog. thanks for even more inspiration!

ALso I love finding new things that have gotten lost in the mess. Its like shopping all over again!

Adrienne said...

looks great!! now start using those supplies!!! lol

Anonymous said...

I love your shelving.

Veronica Hugger said...

Duplicates?! Too funny!