Monday, February 16, 2009

RIP cuz

My Cousin Cleavo (Junebug) Jones Jr. passed away Thursday!

this devastated our family.
It was so unexpected.

He has 5 children age 19 to 8.
He was only 39 years old.

Junior loved his kids! He was A GOOD FATHER, to ALL OF his children!!!

He was a good husband, good son, good brother, good friend.

He was loving, kind, He loved being around his family.
He really loved his only sister Pam (one of my fav cousins)

Pam is the 2nd from left!
He was HELLA FUNNY!!!!!!
He was known for his FRESH KICKS! I think Junior had every pair of Jordan's that were ever made.

He made us laugh with his "I'm to real to rock fake mike's baby" LOL

I have been crying since Thursday!
I will miss you Junebug!
Love your cuz Dana!!!

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Sasha said...

Sorry for your loss Dana..your family is in my prayers.