Monday, February 23, 2009

Happy Monday!

Hello all! This weekend just blew past. I had a very hectic but fun weekend. I had my cousin Junebug (who passed away) boys here for the weekend. I also had my cousin Pam's son Cardiae over too! So the house was full of testosterone! A lot of cracking on each other, wrestling, girl talk, things that Jaree and I both steered clear from! LOL Oh and lots and lots of FARTING. Let's say I messed up the ozone with all the Febreeze I was spraying around here. They had lots of fun and that is all I care about!

Cleavon, his oldest son(17yrs old) is taking it so hard. He was kinda quiet and stand offish! But, I talked to him, and he is really hurting. He wasn't on good terms with his dad before he died, you know the rebellious teenage years thing, but he loved his dad and his dad loved him. I think that is why he is hurting so bad. They were so close before they had a falling out, and I know that is all he thinks about! Poor Kid.

But having 6 teenage boys is Murder on the grocery bill! Damn those boys can eat. LOL I am glad I only have 2 boys, or else I would be BROKE. LOL

So I finally decided to give the Neti Pot a try this weekend. It works!!!! I am so happy! It's worth every penny!!!

Jaree couldn't stand it here with all those boys s my mom picked her up and took her to church and out to eat. My sister's church just built a 5.6 million dollar church and this Sunday was the grand opening. They had lots of fun stuff for the kids, so Jaree wanted to go so bad!!!! LOL Here she is with her FAVORITE COUSIN/SISTER Aaliyah. These two talk on the phone every single day, all DAMN DAY! LOL And if they don't see each other every single weekend, their will most definitely be some PROTEST! I love it that they are so close! Would be sad if they didn't get along. LOL Aaliyah will be 13 and Jaree will be 10 and the 3 yr, age difference doesn't mean a thing. Aaliyah likes to baby Jaree and Jaree eats it up!! LOL

Aren't they cute!!!

It was a total cooincidence they all decided to wear black and white, well Jaree wore black and silver, but you get the picture!

Love this pic with my mom and the kids
love this with my mom and the girls!!! My mom looks good to be almost 65! Damn good! Doesn't she!

In other news I will be taking this altered book class with Martha Boneau at Crafty Fancy! I couldn't attend the actual class, so they will be shipping the kit for the class with instructions included! Can't wait! Only $30!!! I always wanted to do one and I love Martha's work, so I am so stoked about this class! It shipped out today, so I should have it by tomorrow or Wednesday, as the LSS is right here in Illinois. Can't wait. You can click the red highlighted name to see Martha's work and info about the class!

I still did not start on my art journal this week like I planned...
These acrylic nails don't let me do too much of anything..

I want these bad boys off or I need to learn how to work with them on...LOL

Well that is all folkes..
Baptiste starts his Vacation Wednesday, and I cannot wait!
After the 4th or 5th day, we will probably want to kill one another, LOL
You know how it is...
Until next time!


Adrienne said...

Great pics! THat album is too cute!

The Insatiable One said...

The girls look so cute! Heartbreakers in the making.

jerseytjej said...

Those are wonderful photos and Mom is holding her own at almost 65!? See what you have to look forward to! I KNOW about killing the ozone layer with combating the sbd's!

Rachel said...

Man, I wish I had that Netti Pot RIGHT NOW!!! I am so sick and right now SO ENVIOUS of your Netti Pot!

milkcan said...

I have a Netti pot and it works, but it still creeps me out a little bit! LOL! Have fun with the Martha class!