Monday, February 09, 2009

Happy Monday

Happy Monday all! I had a wonderful, very productive weekend. I SCRAPPED. It has been ages since I really got down and dirty and scrapped. I had so much fun! I completed 5 layouts, did 7 but the other 2 are not finished, it is missing something. KWIM? I scrapped for 2 days straight! And I have to admit, I really miss my creative time!

Here are my layouts.

I don't know how I feel about this layout! It's ok. I probably will add something to it! But for now I am leaving it alone!

I had fun with this layout. I really roughed up this paper. Sanded it! Distressed it. This was fun and I am ok with this layout!

This was my first time playing with a HAMBLY transparency and I promise it won't be my last, this was so much fun!!! Love this shot of the kids sleep in the back of the van!!!! They were worn out!

This layout was literally thrown together. I had some paper scraps, and I said I am going to use these no matter what!!! And I really love this layout!!!!
This is my favorite layout of all. I saw this bubble wrap technique on a friend's blog and thought to myself. I wanna try that. This layout literally took on a life of it's own. No pp used on this layout. All me. Painting, bubblewrapping, I had so much fun with this layout!!!

I love the ribbon edge!

And my bubble wrap tree!!!!! LOL

I also made two mini notebooks but forgot to take pictures I will post them later.

I really had fun this weekend and I am going to atleast try to scrap once a week!!!!!
No matter what!!!!

My mojo is back in Full effect!!!

I was reading the latest copy of Artful Blogging and Dina Wakely was featured in this copy, and I was so intrigued by her work. She had a few pages of her art journal posted and I fell in love! There were other people in this edition that had art journals too. So beautiful!!!! I also picked up a copy of Art Journaling by Somerset and I was so inspired I have to start my own. I can paint and draw VERY GOOD, and this is right up my alley.

I have always been fond of Mixed Media Artists and I was just blown away by what I saw. I am going to Mike's Wednesday to pick up my charcoal pencils, and other stuff to start my journey.

I journal write anyway, so this is the best of both worlds, expressing yourself through writing and art.

I am so EXCITED!

Below are some links to some awesome People who Art Journal, Dina Wakely included:

Ponderings by Dina Wakely
Dispatch from LA by Mary Ann Moss

Just click on the name and it will take you to that blog!
And also you can click the layouts to make them bigger!

Mary Ann Moss even has video of her Art Journals, both women are AWESOME!!!

Today, I am going to sit down and write about where I want to go with this art journal.
I am truly excited about doing this!

On the to do list today:
Tackle the dreaded closet! It may be little creatures living in there for all I know...
It's so cluttered
I need to straighten my scrap room after all the fun that took place in there this week
And cook dinner! Which will be stir fry steak! Love it!

That's all folkes
Until next time


Adrienne said...

You have been busy!

toni said...

Wow! All that cleaning & organizing got the creative juices flowing! My favorite is the one you just threw together.

Heather said...

These are fabulous! And I love what you did with the last layout! I need to get out some bubble wrap and experiment!!