Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A very Random Tuesday

Hello all!
Warning this post is gong to be alllll over the place. LOL
Just a few of my random thoughts!

1. I love children and they are a blessing! But why in the world are you getting in-virtro fertilization when you have 6 kids that you can't support! Now you have 14 kids you can't support! This is nuts!

2. Why is it warm outside but cold in my house. I don't get it!
3. My feet are freezing!
4. This guy on the news eyebrows are bugging me. Unibrow is so unattractive

5. I wonder what really happened with Chris Brown and Rhiana
7. I also wonder is this going to ruin his career

8. I had a dream about my ex boyfriend last night! It was kinda crazy.

9. Yesterday we took the kids to Red Robin and it was pretty good. They sell specialty burgers and have endless fries.....The kids loved it!
10. I have the best husband in the world. He massaged my head until I fell asleep last night, I was in tears my head hurt so bad and he took care of me. He always does when I am sick!

11. I went to get my charcoal pencils to start my art JOurnal. I don't know yet, what type of book I want to use. I was thinking of getting and ARtist sketch book and just altering, but I don't know!

12. I have NO SELF CONTROL! Period! I went into Archiver's just to get some clips for my clip it up and came home with a bag full of stuff! Then I went into Joann's just to look around, and came home with another bag of stuff! As Adrienne would say, I didn't need SHIT ELSE!!!

13. I am so happy for my sister and I look up to her so much. She has always been a career savvy person! She's held jobs at Playboy magazine as a editior, Johnson Public Company (Jet, Ebony, Fashion Fair) as a Marketing Research Director, just to name a couple. She has always been an independent woman, who BROUGHT HOME PLENTY OF BACON and then some, and just a few years ago, she lost her job, her home, and went through a divorce, Now my sister is back in business!!!! She is making THE BIG BUCKS, traveling the world, and slowly getting back everything she lost! She is my Hero!!!! I love her so much!

14. I really enjoy having a daughter! I love taking her to get little prissy things for her hair, jewelry, clothes. I love being able to do arts and crafts with her, I love our girly talks. It's awesome. I love her soooooooooooo much!

15. I have the world's most protective sons!!!! If a man come's within 6 feet of me, they are JOHNNY ON THE SPOT!!! This one guy came up to me in the grocery store and he was flirting ( He was kinda cute too...LOL) and Jariel my youngest son, told the guy to "BEAT IT DUDE", I couldn't believe it! Those boys are something else, and they are just protective of her. Jariel told me I needed to "get" Jaree because she said Chris Brown was her husband. LOL

16. I really hate those word verification thingies. I always get the letters wrong, then I am cursing at the computer screen, and everyone in the house thinks I am crazy!

17. Am I the only one who thinks Barack Obama is sexy?

18. Spring time is really ugly at first, it's muddy and wet and nasty!!!
19. Why is it that I get all the myspace stalkers!!!! These guys have no SHAME! Do they read my profile, it clearly states I am married. Sheesh!
20. I really want some DiCola's shrimp! they have the best Shrimp in the world!
21. I wonder what Baptiste has in store for me for Valentine's day. I am very eager to find out!

22. What in the world am I going to get Baptiste for Valentines day! I will take any suggestions!
23. I really love getting comments on my blog, but I think everybody does!
24. I love getting mail! I check the mailbox all the time!!! I love Ups deliveries too! It's usually stuff for me! LOL
25. I just ordered tons of stuff from Mara May's Etsy shop and can't wait until it arrives!
26. I am thinking of ordering all of the new Hambly!!! I gotta have it!

27. I really want to start this art journal. I bought two books yesterday Art Journals and Creative Healing by Sharon Soneff and True Vision Authenic Art Journaling by L.K. Ludwig. I am going to read them today! I also have the ARt Journaling Magazine by Somerset and so far its good!!!! P am Garrison is an amaing art journalist!

28. I really miss my mom and sister! I talk to them on the phone all the time. Mom is in Acalpulco and sister is in London. Can't wait until they get home! Mom will be back on the 18th and sis will be back on the 24th! Can't wait!

29. I love white cardstock and cannot live without. I buy it in Bulk. I love Textured Bazill!
30. I am totally addicted to Facebook and Twitter!

Well I think I have been random enough! It's fun to be random sometimes. I have done it a million times on this blog!

Gotta go, I am off to enjoy this 66 degree weather!


BonnieRose said...

great post gf, I need to do one of these random posts too.. great idea! hugs bonnierose

The Insatiable One said...

Ok, you were SOOO all over the place but your excitment was contagious and I'm not even having a good day. LOL