Saturday, January 05, 2008

Had a great time

Yesterday, my friend Michelle and I went to see One Missed Call and went to dinner for her birthday. This movie was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo SCARY! Over the years, horror movies are not what they used to be. Movies like the OLD Salem's Lot, Carrie, The Shining, Christine, The Exorcist, Amytiville Horror,Nightmare on Elm Street and Christine scared the living daylights out of me....Every once in a great while you will get a great horror film....The Ring, Exorcism of Emily Rose, The Messengers, Saw, Final Destination, Dead Silence,Valentine.. but great horror is hard to find...

Horror movies have turned porn....or turned Gory

Well One Missed Call is the epitome of a great horror film. I was literally terrified! When a movie gives me goosebumps or has me looking over my shoulder at night.....


I was so unnerved from this movie! I came home and it took me hours to fall asleep.

Do not take the kids to see this movie, unless you want a permanent bed buddy....LOL

I got so scared at one point, some kind of way, my bracelet flung off and flew 3 rows behind me, i am so glad it didn't hit anybody. I guess I must have threw my hands up and it flung off...LOL

Everyone was laughing, I was soooo embarrassed.

We had a bunch of people with us too. My oldest son went with a couple of his friends, my friend Michelle and her younger sister went, so we had a blast!!!

I was holding my cousin Cashelle's arm, the whole time. He's only 15, the same age as my son! I think he was more scared than I was......LOL

Afterwards, we went to Dusties for a good soul food dinner.

Only Michelle and her sister went to dinner, and of course myself.

My son, Cashelle, and the rest of his friends went to a party, so I dropped them off and headed out to Dusties.

I ate myself into a coma!

Went to pick the boys up from the party and the party ended earlier so Bee's girlfriend Katie came and picked everyone up....Yes my baby has a girlfriend, and she's 17!!! Wow! But, I love Katie, she's very respectful and she treats my son like Gold, that is all I care about! He loves her to death too. They make a pretty cute couple. Too bad her family doesn't feel the same about Bee, well the dad and brother does not approve of Bee because of his race. So sad! Yes, Katie is white and my son is black, but who the hell cares! Love is Love! Like is Like! Oh well, some people will never get it....LOL Let me get out of this train before it wrecks....LOL

In other news, dh told me that I can get the Canon 20D, but not until March. We are going on a cruise in August and this month, we are going to the Wilderness in Wisconsin, so he said I must be patient!!!! LOL

In the meantime, since my camera died, he is going to allow me to get a new point and shoot digital camera, which I wanted both anyway. I did my research and am going to go with a Fuji Fine Pixs S700, it got a A grade, has some manual settings like a slr, I can get get filters and all kind of lenses to enhance the camera, it has a 10x optical zoom, which is equivilant to 28-300mm camera, so for that I am happy. It has 7.1 mp, and movie mode. It will get me thru this months vacation and its small and compact. It has been hell, without my camera, I tell you. I feel naked without it. As you can imagine. I have to use the mac or my camera phone, for most of my pics now and I hate it!!! Or I use my Aps camera, hate camera processing and not knowing what I am getting....kwim?

Can't wait for my clip it and my 7 gypsies ATC to arrive. My Atc holder shipped already! Should be here either today or Monday, can't wait!!!! Don't know if the clip it shipped, I know that is coming Ups ground, so I know for a fact that won't be coming today. I am so excited. I have so many ideas for the ATC Holder. Think I am going to do a People, places, and things theme. All the people I love, all the things I love, and my favorite places. What do you think?

Would love your opinions on what I can do with the ATC Holder as I may get many more.....

Well, today is going to be a crock pot day....Beef stew....Lazy days....

The kids go back to school on Monday, so I want to do something special with them today. I think we will all go roller skating. Ms. Jaree has been talking about it for the longest time, also Jaree wants to make ICECREAM, with that dang blasted Icecream making machine she rec'd for Christmas. I have been putting it off and putting it off, but today I am going to have to bite the bullet and JUST DO IT!

We already made cookies, brownies, and cakes, withe her Easy bake oven, she got that last year, but I always get her refills every birthday and Christmas. She has the real meal Easy bake too, but that thing is so big and awkard, that we barely use it.....LOL We use the cute pink one that looks like an oven.....LOL

Also, I have to take Jariel to get minutes on his phone! I told him he has to be minute conscious, because he does not have a job! LOL He has a prepaid phone, I learned my lesson with Bee about putting CHILDREN on your contract, I just finished paying his Sprint bill, to the tune of 985.67 and half us that was for text messaging alone, 200 worth of games and ringtones, and 150 worth of overage...CAN YOU SAY IT WITH ME ....NEVA, NEVA EVA, AGAIN.....LOL

My kids will have a prepaid contract until they are able to get their own phone.....LOL
And I will decide when and if I will put the minutes on there...

It's all about learning time managment skills....

Well, this post has become long as the river NILE, and also random, so I am going to run...

Until next time


Ryzmomplus2 said...

Ooohhh! Now I know my kids are going to want to see it, but I can't do the scary

Benita said...

I like your theme for your ATC holder. I'm still trying to decide on one for mine. First, I thought about doing my favorite scriptures; then I thought about doing a year in review for 2008, but now I'm liking your idea better :)

Don't think I could go see that movie.....heck, just the previews scare me!!!

Sarah C. said...

I'm creeped out just reading your comments about that movie! LOL Sounds like a fun night though. :)

Kim said...

I love horror movies, but you are right as of late they have just sucked. If I see it I my have to go alone., dh doesn't do horror.

My clip it up hasn't gotten here yet either. I am hoping it will bw here Monday.

I like you idea for you ATC holder. I don't plan on getting on, it's just not me.

Congrats on the new cameras. You are going to love your slr when you get it.

Chit Chat With Divagirlrn said...

Your story about your bracelet going flying during the movie is hilarious! LOL! I really can't do horror movies or scary movies of any kind. I'm such a chicken. I'm going to get a new camera this year too, but I haven't decided what kind yet. Happy New Year!

Gina (frazzledmom) said...

Dana, your posts are always such a fun read! I think I'll have to give that movie a miss. You described your fear too well, Girl! I'm such a chicken! After I saw Candyman, I avoided mirrors for weeks!

Love your plan for the ATC holder. I am doing one on all the cute things my kids say - they're still little, so they say some crazy stuff. I'm guessing after I've done this one, I'll get another. Aren't they the coolest?

How exciting for Bee to have a new girlfriend. Let's hope her family joins us in the 21st Century sometime soon.

Congrats on the camera news. Can't wait to see some pics.

Adrienne said...

So it was REALLY scary huh? LOL and HOW MUCH!?!? OMG! LOL