Friday, February 29, 2008

Guilty Pleasures.....

Hold on to your horses, because this is going to be a long post!
You've been warned! LOL

I have so much on my mind and so much I want to share and one of the things is my guilty pleasures:

1. Bad girls club: I so love this show! I can't miss an episode! Tanisha is so crazy, yo!
2. Butter pecan icecream- I can eat an entire gallon, by myself....
3. Shopping: this is soooooooo my element! I feel so good when I go shopping, whether it's grocery shopping,shopping for the perfect outfit, with a hot handbag, and some sexy shoes, hunting down the perfect accessories ( I am the design on a dime queen), shopping for vintage handbags and hats, the perfect thrift store find, I can literally turn trash to treasure, this is my gift... The perfect example of that is, I usually go to the club every Saturday, with dh, where he dj's, and I bought an expensive House of Derreon Jacket, but it was gorgeous, Paired it with the jean and shirt, and some timbaland heels, some mid expensive jewelry and accesories, and yes I got tons of compliments, HOWEVER, I went to the thrift store and bought some jeans, paid 90 cents took them home, bleached them, ripped them, added some bling, bought a regular v neck tee added some bling, and did the same with a inexpensive jacket, and I got more freaking compliments on that, and everyone wanted to know where I got it, at most the entire outfit, including shoes and accessories was $50 at most! Crazy huh!!!! I am the queen of flea markets and discount stores, Hey, I have 3 children, with expensive taste, a gadget freak for a husband, and tons of pets, we have to be thrifty.... I love going to the scrapbook stores and craft stores, like Michael's and Hobby Lobby, I even like the hardware store, I am the queen of Sam's Club, I plain love to shop!!!!!!!!!!
4. Dancing, I have to learn all the latest dance moves. So I am the queen of watching videos!!!! When Shakira, came out and was doing the hip roll, I had to learn how, and it took me less than a day to learn. I love dancing!!!!!!
5. Coloring: Jaree and I sit and color for hours, yes in a coloring book. We have coloring contests in my house!

6. Jerk Catfish: Oh my god! I love jamaican food!
7. Mexican food: While it's probably not good for my 33 year old digestive system, I eat it anyway! LOL Especially Steak Tostada Suizo's (shout out to Manuel at El Coyote in Alsip, you make a the best Tostada's in all of United states .....LOL)
8. Fuzzy Peach Mystic, damn!
9. Panera Bread's Southwest Chicken Sandwich!
10. Food in general, because I love to eat!!!!

11. Pens, I am very fond of pens. I probably have a million pens.
12. Shoes and handbags...YOu can never have enough!
13. (Gotta have my daily dose of celeb gossip)
14. Soap operas (AMC, OLTL, and GH)
15. Victoria Secrets Appletini showergel, lotion, and body mist! (my current flavor of the month)
16. hand cream, I am always in search of a good hand cream, can't stand crusty hands or feet
17. Blistex (I can't stand crust, so lips are no exception
18. Fleece blankets ( i have to have my blankie, just call me Linus)
19. Sucking my tongue ( I know it sounds perverse, but I have been doing this since I was a child and it brings me comfort, and I only do it when i am lonely, worried, or scared)
20.Pogo (word whomp) I know I am a nerd, but don't tell anyone....

21. Long drives- Sometimes I will get in my car and just drive...... even with the rising gas prices, I feel so at peace behind the wheel of my car...
22. Apple store- Ever since my dh bought the macbook, that you may as well say, he bought for me, because I have just abandoned my poor dell, and I am always using his mac, I love that store. I am eyeing the Imac and the ipod touch, and every time I go downtown Chicago or to Orland Square mile (which is minutes from my house) I have to stop in the Apple store.

23. Starbucks Vanilla bean Frappuchino is my weekend treat!!!!! Dh and I always stop by and get our fraps before we run our errands....

24. Borders: I honestly have to go to Borders atleast twice a week for absolutely NOTHING, I just like to go. I don't have anything in mind to buy, but that never stops me, I just love the atmosphere. Makes me feel INTELLIGENT! lol

25. Sunflower seeds , I can crack on those things all day long.... dh hates it!!
26. HOt and Sour pickles with peppermint! I am old school!
27. Flaming HOt Munchies!
28. The View! I had stopped watching after Star Jones left, picked back up to watch the war of worlds between Rosie and Elizabeth, and now I love Sherrie and Whoopi, shhhh don't tell anybody!

29. Maury........YOU ARE NOT THE FATHER! How many times would you GO to find out if some man is your BABY'S DADDY, I say after the second time, just let sleeping dogs lie....Why humiliate yourself like that.....

30. Judge Mathis, I think he's kinda sexy! LOL

As you can see, I have quite a few guilty pleasures, what are yours?

Speaking of guilty pleasures, I got a chance to venture out yesterday like I said and while Target,Hobby Lobby , and Mike's were on the list of places to go, things don't always go as planned. I did go to Target (to get one thing) and it turned into a gazillion things, and I did go to Michaels, and found some great new stuff by My mind's eye and a new company called Amanda Blu, and I finally got some watercolor pencils, I had threw all that stuff away or gave it to my daughter, because I wasn't using them, and I recently read an article on dressing up your stamps and guess what popped back up watercolors, but I also bought them for things I plan to do with my art journal, and then I went to Office Max and bought two types of white sharpies, the sharpie poster paint pen and the sharpie mean streak. Has anyone used these? Any tips???

I did some MAJOR and I mean major CC damage guys! Dh is going to flip out, when he get's the bill, but I haven't splurged like this in ages.....Those stupid watercolor pencils aren't cheap, and I didn't have a coupon!!!! And I got a multi pack of the Poster Paint Sharpies, because they didn't sale it individual so I also got yellow, red, blue and black .....

I can never go to the store and stick to plan. Why is that? I managed to find some great organizational items. I got a bunch of wicker and ratan baskets, that I am going to spray, (you guessed it) Red, I did not find that lazy susan rack, but I did find a two tired stainless still rack, that I like just as much, I bought a red tote with a chalk board on front, a bunch of new post its, and even some scrapbooking stuff from Target!

I will take pics later today and show you what I bought...

So stay tuned!

I am tired after this long post!

Until next time...

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Gabrielle said...

Great post! I am addicted to organizational things too!

I am a basket HOARDER! HA! :)

I'm gonna post pics of new stuff I got to organize, check out my blog later tonight.