Monday, April 16, 2007

Back on the grind....

This weekend was pretty much a "chill weekend". Friday, I stayed home. Bee (my oldest), had 7 friends over for pizza and movies. They were here from 7 to midnight. They had a really good time. Bee is only 14, his friends are much older 16 and up. Most of them are driving, which makes me a NERVOUS wreck, because everytime you turn on the news, you here about these poor kids dying in crashes. I pray everytime he walks out the door with friends. I cover him in the blood, because I don't want to be TOO PROTECTIVE. At the same time, I cringe everytime he gets into a car with one of his friends. I often, find myself "BLOWING UP HIS CELLPHONE".... making sure he has made it to his destination safe. I guess I need to relax, but that's my baby! He's growing up way too fast! LOL

Saturday, we stayed in all day. We ordered in pizza and watched movies. The kids camped in our room until I couldn't take the feet in my back and up my butt, so I made everyone get in their own bed at about 3am....LOL

Sunday, My parents came over after church. We had a great time. My dad is has so much energy to be 73 years old. I just CANNOT believe this is the same man, that had a QUADRUPLE bypass, 5 years ago! He is so spry! I love my parents! LOL My dad always teases my dh and tells him "i didn't GIVE my daughter away, I just let you share her.." LOL I was a TOTAL daddy's girl, still am! Dh always teases me about how SPOILED I am.

Sunday evening, we went over to our friend Tamika's house. She just moved into a new apartment, very NICE! We had dinner and watched I LOVE NY REUNION and CHARMED SCHOOL. LOved it! Felt so bad for NY, she got DISSED again. She should picked Chance! Tango did look like a Ninja Turtle. Did anyone watch Charmed School, was RAIN, not crazier than a BETSY BUG. Is she on drugs or what? I knew she was going to get the boot! LOL

What on my to do list today:

2 loads of laundry
Wash all floors
Mail out some bills (what fun)
go get my car washed and vaccuumed

enough of the boring stuff
what am I doing fun today?

Going to see DISTURBIA....yay!!!!! I love horror! Today is 5 dollar Monday and free popcorn! LOL

Anyone that knows me, knows I love Horror and it looks like it's going to be some good ones coming out...
The Invisible

I can't wait!!!! Bring it on....

Hope you guys are having a great MOnday...

Later taters!



Robyn said...

Ohhh Dana, I love horror films too! Disturbia looks G O O D! I don't like gore, blood and guts but I like when they keep you thinking and there are twists and turns and surprises!

Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog! You've got CUTE kids and my goodness 7 teenagers till must be a saint! :D Just kidding, I like when the kids are at my house too, that way you know where they are! LOL

Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...

I am SO scared of scary movies....nope, don't do them at ALL lol

Colleen said...

You're braver than I going to see that! Couldn't do it!

Sounds like you had a good weekend and have a full day to get in before that movie! I know all about the laundry too! Feel like I've been doing it all day! Enjoy the movie!

BonnieRose said...

how was the movie? and hey gf, it was FUN FUN FUN chatting with u earlier!!! way fun!

Cheryl Wray said...

SEVEN friends!!!Wow! You are one brave woman!! lol
I know what youmean about being so nervous now that kids are driving. My oldstjust turned 15 and a lot of her friends have started driving. Makes me so scared!
I don't do horror movies at all. i'm a wimp!!