Friday, April 13, 2007

Nuttin'.....jus' chillin'

I am a big Martin fan can you tell.....

That's what bru' man from the 5th floor would say everytime Martin said "what's up"?
Yes, I am feelin' a little silly today.

It's FRIDAY THE 13TH....WOOOOO! Are you scared?

The challenge for today was to tell your secrets of a relaxing day.

For me it's a process. I start of with a clean set of linens, then the tea pot goes on, next a hot bath, bubbles are a must. Soaking the the tub wearing nothing but my thoughts. Having that alone time with myself is important. After indulging myself in aromatherapy, I dry myself, moisturize, and give myself a facial, then off to the kitchen to pour up some Chai tea, in my room next to a candle lit bedroom, I get under the covers and just bask in the sweet aromas that fill my room and take a good old fashioned NAP! Wake up feeling refreshed and renewed, I will either read in bed or do a little writing. That is key to a relaxing day 101 by Dana.

How do you relax???



BonnieRose said...

I love how u relax. i need to do more of that stuff for me.. I'm worth it.. right? smiles... just like you!

toners said... I feel the need to go shopping :)