Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Some of my favs from Easter

Ok, these crack me up Aaliyah and Mrs. Jaree decide to go into my mom's room, steel some sun hat, put on purple lipstick and prance around the house together. They are so close!
They look too cute!!!
Finally got a picture of my oldest, see him standing tall in the back. He is not fond of the camera these days. Boohoo! Did anyone else notice Jariel is out of his Easter suit and has a football in his hand?
The kids boogying down. This aint the bunny hop guys!
Adrienne, I totally can relate to straigtening hair, look at Jaree, her curls are almost gone..lol

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BonnieRose said...

hold on, let me get my music on.. now where is that song... what's it called? oh yeah.. boogie wonderland.. LOL