Tuesday, April 03, 2007

What is your calling?

So, I was watching OPRAH, and this is one of the questions revolving the show. WHAT IS YOUR CALLING, do you know? Do you have an idea? Have you had an ephiphany regarding your calling? Are you living your calling? If so, why not? What is stopping you?

I can tell you I know what my calling is....but I have not lived it yet, and limited resources is my reason along with self doubt.

I love CHILDREN. I love the ELDERLY. I love animls. My calling is to work with these to groups! I wanted to open a day care for both children and elderly, with a petting zoo. Pet therapy is great for the elderly and they love children, children love grandma's and grandpas. Animals just want to be loved. I think that it would add quality of life to the elderly to be around youth and animals. It would give them something to look forward to and to love! Allowing the elderly to come in and read to the children or to let them help out at lunch....allowing the children to put on plays for the elderly or sing to them.

I came up with this idea, after my grandmother was in a nursing home to get 24 hour care for bed sores she acquired in the hospital. I visited my grandmother daily and would bring Bee who was 2 at the time. The other residents lit up everytime, he was there. He had 100 grandma's and granpa's.....LOL He loved them too. The interaction was awesome. Bee, actually looked forward to going to the nursing home and everytime I was there, they were looking for Bee.

Will my dream be realized, I hope so...

I need to keep praying and keep faith..



EquineSpirit said...

That's an AWESOME idea! I wish you the best in accomplishing that goal! You'd be making the world a better place for not only one group but three!! That's wonderful!

Brown English Muffin said...

my calling is to work closely with people with disablities. I worked in this field for a number of years but they pay was so low I wouldn't be able to live my current life style but it's so rewarding...every time i see a person with a disability on the street I am some how drawn to them...drawn to treat them like a regular person.

Jill said...

Well Oprah's been inspiring the peas this week, that's for certain! (Jeanne/the crossroads also had an Oprah inspired post recently). Sounds like a good idea!

BonnieRose said...

what a great dream dana... i'll be praying for u too!

Cheryl Wray said...

Wow!! What a wonderful dream you have! It sounds like this would be the absolute PERFECT calling for you.
And what a wonderful post!! We all do have our own special calling. I know that one of mine is to encourage others--I love to encourage aspiring writers, and I also love to encourage people in general. But I still feel like God has some other things planned for me!