Friday, April 27, 2007

The weekend is here....

TGIF!!!!! Something about Fridays makes me want to jump up and do the Happy Dance! Today not much planned, just a lazy day. I am done with cleaning. Just a couple of loads of laundry and that's all folkes. I do plan to get scrappy today with Jaree. My new scrapping buddy...LOL

My oldest is in hot water. Why did he go get both of his ears pierced without our permission. His daddy was LESS than thrilled. I thought fire was going to shoot out of his nose. He's grounded until death.....LOL

Teenagers, you gotta love em'.

On a the bright side of things, he looks to stinkin cute ......LOL

I have to boast for one second, Jaree got her local assessments and she's reading at a 5th grade level and she's in second grade. She is mommy's little book worm. She loves to read. She was so looking forward to a Borders gift card, for her birthday, but it didn't happen....LOL I will take her to get a new book or two Saturday. She loves Junie B. Jones and now has found two of my favorite childhood authors Judy Blume and Beverly Cleary. I am so proud of her. She is a walking talking miracle. Its really amazing at how intelligent she defies all odds. I am so thankful to God too!

Dh is off today.....woohoooo. I get to snuggle for hours! Yay! He is my big ole teddy bear. I love him to death! We probably will hibernate under the covers until it's time to pick the kids up....then he will be preparing for his gig tonight boooooohooo!

What are your plans for today, do tell!!



toners said...

Sounds like you have a fun day in store :) And congrats on your little bookworm! Isn't it great when you see that your kids actually love to read? It's a great "mommy" moment :) My 10 yo also loves Judy Blume and Beverly Cleary...there's also a fun series about a girl called Judy Moody that she might like.

BonnieRose said...

snuggling under the covers. the best of times. enjoy.

Trice said...

Ok... Why did the shop pierce his ears without parental consent..I would be heated also. Then again.. You could just take out the earings and let them close. Congrats on your little book worm, I am glad that she likes to read, she will appreciate this as an adult. I love to get a good book and lay on the couch even with hunny beside me.

Jill said...

Oh those unplanned days are the best aren't they? And it's great that you kept your sense of humor, grounded for life or not!!!!!!!!!!!!!