Saturday, April 14, 2007

I had fun I-chatting with Adrienne!

Ok, I must admit we had some technical difficulties at first. I didn't know how to access my mic. So basically we just chatted via typing....LOL But, I finally figured it out and we had a blast! This is total fun! I am totally getting attached to dh's macbook and Might have to get one of my own. In case he get's stingy....LOL . I love the built in camera! LOL

He told me me I don't have to get one, since I have a dell that's less than a year old, but I am a WOMAN, and I want the macbook, because it's sooooo light and cute. Love the little cute lit apple on the front. All about the cosmetics.....LOL

Adrienne, you are such a doll and so are your kids. My kids do not believe you are a grown up and swear that you are teenager. You do look young girl! Your kids are soo cute. They kept waving and talking to me.

That was fun! NOw Bonnie Rose, if we can get you


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BonnieRose said...

I'm working on it.. LOL ... lots to learn... I will get it up and running I swear, and dana, urs will be the first buddy i add.. winks.. hugs