Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Life is so PRECIOUS

I am sure Most of you heard about the Virginia Tech Massacre. Over 30 students killed yesterday, SO SAD! My heart truly goes out to those families. As a mother, I cannot even begin to fathom what those mother's are feeling right now. Why do things like this have to happen? When things like this happen, it makes me want to hold on to my babies and never let go. These kids weren't doing anything wrong. They were trying to succeed in life. Getting an education. This was a totally senseless killing!

When we drop our children off at school.....WE ASSUME they are SAFE. Time and time again, this has not been the case. The Amish School House killing, Columbine, my God, is this going to be a trend. ARe these types of things more common place??? It's just plain FRIGHTENING! It reminds me and humbles me, that life is TRULY PRECIOUS.

Never go a day without telling your children you LOVE THEM! Kiss and hug them every second! My children are truly my WORLD. It is a LOVE like no OTHER LOVE. I would lay down my own life, for my children's. I love them so much. Yesterday, I couldn't stop kissing them and telling them I loved them. I just held little Jaree in my arms, until she drifted off to sleep. I just cried, my heart broke for those families. What they must be feeling! Please pray for these families! Lift them up in Jesus name!


Such a tragedy. Such a senseless Tragedy!


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BonnieRose said...

I agree, such a tragedy. so sad indeed.