Thursday, February 02, 2006

Collector by nature!

Ever since I can remember, I have always collected something. When I was a child it was unicorns, rocks, stationary, porcelain dolls, stickers, I can remember getting my allowance on Fridays and heading to Chicago Ridge Mall on Saturday, because they had a huge store that sold stickers. I remember blowing my whole allowance on scratch and sniff stickers and Garbage Pail kids (do you remember those), I could hardly wait to get home, so that I could spend hours putting my stickers into my album. Everyone would marvel at how awesome my sticker album was. I was so proud!

Fast forward to now, I am 31 years old and still collecting some things that carried over from childhood...Like Teddy Bears mostly plush, I am a Boyd bears fanatic, have been since I was about 9 years old. My aunt Josie bought me Sophie, a boyd's bear with a pink crocheted dress, with matching booties and bonnet, she also bought me a calendar, and diary. Little did I know that it would turn into a way of life with me. I tried to get my daughter into Boyds, which she loves but she is far more interested in Hello Kitty, right now.

I love teddy bears, they are displayed all over my house. Mostly in my bedroom. Somethings never fade...

I also collect writing pens. When I was teen, I always got cool and interesting pens. Fast foward to today, I am the same way. I love, love, ,love writing pens. I live in office max and Target. I also, have a good relationship with my children's pediatrician, who always give me the neat pens from the pharmeceutical companies. Once, my dad said " Why do you need all of those pens, you can't write with all of them" My dad was oblivious. He hadn't a clue. I spent hours in my room sampling each and every pen. I love to write. Writers need pens. Comprende.

I also collect things that are purple, purple candles, purple picture frames, mostly decor for my bedroom which in Deep Purple and Mint Green. Every time I see something any shade of purple, I have to buy it. Its an obssesion.

I guess you can say I collect bath and body works products... I Have to have everything that comes out. i am so into the breathe line right now. The orange one is the best! I love to smell pretty! My mom taught me that catch phrase when I was about 4....

I also collect journals, I love to write and I have a journal for just about everything, and I can never pass up a cute or interesting looking journal. I love to write!

Of course, I collect scrapbooking supplies, that would be obvious! I am a scrapper, it goes hand and



Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...

Thanks for posting to my blog!!! Can I add you to my list of MUST READS?? Im LOVING your blog!!!!

Dana Brooks said...

you sure can! dana