Friday, February 17, 2006

You know what? That makes me mad!

Do any of you remember Droopy, that's where I got my

I try not to get angry, because don't have the best

Things that make me angry

. leaving the toilet seat up in the middle of night, and I sit down fall in the toilet
. when people tell me I have gained weight. Once I said " oh really, I did, my mirror is broken"
. when people talk in the movies....why not pay them, and let them tell me the plot
. when someone messes with my children
. when my husband ignores me, intentional or otherwise
. racists and bigots anger me
. when my children ignore me or talk back....burns my butt
. when someone tells me how I should or shouldn't be raising my children
. when my inlaws comeover, they are total snoops
. when I get interrupted while talking...
. being lied to

Those are some of things that gets my blood a boiling....


Toya said...
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Toya said...

hey dana, I feel you on these things. especially racialism and unmannerly kids. I can't even look at my mom in a disgruntal way when I was a kid and now kids are actually hitting their parents, gripes me to the core, great post!

Bonzairn said...

When someone tells me how to raise or not raise your kids!!!! AMEN SISTER!!!!!!!

ingrid said...

Your list ROCKS!!! And the toilet seat thing craked me up ;-)