Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Taking a much needed break

Today I decided to do some housework. My kitchen was trashed. I have about 15 more loads of laundry to wash, and my room looks like an atomic bomb hit it.... I got up with the children and totally gave my kitchen a good cleaning, took me 2 hours. I didn't have much dishes, but I had groceries to put away, the counters needed a good cleaning, cleaned out the refrigerator, wiped out all the cabinets and drawers, cleaned stove inside and out, and finally mopped the kitchen. Then I moved on to the laundry, So far I have washed, dried, folded, and put away about 9 loads of laundry, with about 12 more to go. I am not stopping until I finish. I went upstairs and cleanedd my dressers and made my bed. I got a laundry basket and got ALL the things that DID NOT belong in my room, kids toys, clothes etc... Then the kids started to arrive home, I made them a quick snack, prepared for dinner, took son to basketball practice from5-6, then daughter had cheerleading practice at 6-6:45pm, came home cooked dinner, washed dinner dishes, got all the children's clothes prepared for tommorrow, and looked over homework. Then I got the children ready for bed! I am winding down for a minute before I go back to the laundry. Tommorrow, I am heading out for some shopping time......I deserve it!


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rn4jchrist said...

Sounds like you have been BUSY!!!
I sent you email (twice) to your aol...Waiting for you to reply =)