Monday, February 06, 2006

My husband is driving me nuts!!!

Yesterday, As you know I went to my best friends superbowl party. My husband was invited as well. However, his cousin Allison's and her husband just moved here from Boston, and they don't have many friends. Well, Devin invited my hubby to an all guys shin-dig. I guess my husband wanted me to just stay at home and be bored. The first argument was with my choice of attire. He did not approve. I am well endowed, in the chest area so anything I wear will reveal my boobies. The second argument was that he wanted me to call him every hour. WTF? Was he serious? I guess he was, because he was superpissed when he came to get me and my daughter. I was talking to my best friend, her boyfriend, andher cousin in the living room. He starts acting ugly saying I guess you didn't miss me at all, you got better things to do I see. Right there, I was starting to get annoyed. I don't know where all this was coming from. He is usually not a jealous man, but yesterday he was in a full blown jealous rage.

I am the most faithful women in the world. I don't do much. Most of what I do is with him. When I do go somewhere its usually a crop or with my mom and sister. I am such a homebody and I think he is just spoiled to me being home all the time. I did look nice yesterday, hair done, nails done, and I was dressed up. Some guys were eyeballing me, but I am a married woman and that should be a compliment to him as a man that he has an attractive wife.

I am also very understanding, he has more female friends than I do. I mean some women would not accept that. Doesn't bother me, because at the end of the night, he is at home with me. I am not insecure, I trust him. It hurts me that he does not feel the same.

It's sad that we are not speaking to each other, over this childish crap, but I refuse to bow down. After all, I did nothing wrong.


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em said...

Hey Dana! Thanks for sharing your blog link! Sorry to hear you are having trouble with your guy :( I live in SW suburbs, should come to one of the 2peas crops! Check it out on the Crop Spot board!