Thursday, February 16, 2006

Complete Idiot's Guide to Parenting..

As you know already, parenting does not come with a handy dandy manual. Something you can refer to when all of your kids get sick at once, or when homework is a hassle, or when your has straws lodged up his nose, or when your daughther refuse to get her hair combed, or when nobody wants anybody to look or talk to them....excuse me I got a little of course.

What are my parenting do's and dont's:

I never allow my children to visit anyone whom, I have not met the parents first(hated my mom for this very same thing)

I do not allow company in the bedrooms, big no no!

I do not allow my children to have company when I am not home

I will not respond to a child who is yelling, crying or whining. They must get it together before I will talk to them

I do not tolerate any back talk, especially the WHATEVA'S

I do not allow my chidren to fight or argue

My children do not have a consistent bed time ( guess I won't be winning mom of the year)

I do joke and kid around with my children

I do value my children's opinion, even though we may not agree

I do not believe that children should be seen and not heard (never understood, wth my dad meant and still don't to this day)

I don't always follow thru with my punishments

I do allow my children to watch a considerable amount of tv, however they must have finished chores, homework, and study time

I do allow my children to sleep in my bed sometimes, even the 13 year old, we call it family campout night

I do allow my children to watch some rated R films, mostly horror, they love it. Especially Jeepers

I guess that sums it up..
I don't always know what the hell I am doing...
Sometimes I feel so lost!
Sometimes I get really frustrated!
But my biggest pride and joy is being the mother of my 3 beautiful babies...


Bonzairn said...

AMEN sister - Parenting (espeically mommyhood) does not come with a manual. Why is that? : ) I may not know what I am doing... but at the end of the day I do know, looking into my girls eyes, snuggling with them on the nights I am not working - they know they are loved by me. That is the most important!

Michelle W. said...

wow! That is great list there Dana! I'm also guilty of not following through on the punishment. When I told her timeout for 5-10 minutes, sometimes I let her out a minute or two early! LOL. She never notice about it anyways.


ingrid said...

Nice list! So you didn't get the parenting handbook either, huh?