Monday, February 20, 2006

What was I thinking..o

.....when I agreed to babysit a 11month old baby, my 6 year old nephew, my 14,15, and 18 year old cousins, and my 15 year old god-daughter......CHAOS! The baby was actually the best behaved! Really he is so good. It's the 6 yr old and the teens that have been driving me NUTS! Constant arguing, teasing, whining, fighting. The six year old is the biggest TATTLE TELL, I have ever seen and an even bigger cry baby. My daughter has turned her witch mode to TURBO. She is not having a good day at all, being crabby and stingy. My 13 year old is blasting his radio, that is why I bought a 350 dollar IPOD....HELLLLLOOOOO! He also keeps teasing my younger son, showing off for his cousins and that is pissing me off. No one is listening! I am about to go postal! Hopefully they all get really sleepy and fall asleep, since no one went to sleep until 6am....aaarrrgggghhh!!! I am trying to watch my soaps and have baracaded myself in my room. Not coming out until its time for lunch. Just cooked breakfast at noon, because everyone slept until noon....I AM NOT HAVING ANYMORE COMPANY UNTIL 2010! LOL



Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...

hA! Hope you have fun!!!!! My 6yr old is a big cry baby too...upsets me to NO END!!!!

Bonzairn said...

Natural Birth control!!!!!