Thursday, February 02, 2006

My goals as a scrapbooker

Hmmmm, What are my goals as a scrapbooker? Let's see:

. I want to leave behind a true account of happenings in my life. I want my children and grandchildren, and great grandchildren, to know the importance of family history. As an African American woman, so much of my family is a mystery. My grandmother's mother passed away when she was six years old. She was raised by Mama Irene, whom I loved dearly. However, we know nothing about my grandmother's biological mothers family. Was she an only child? Did she have aunts, uncles, cousins....that has always bothered my mom. She herself, did not find about this until she was 12 years old. Back then, things were so private and kept under the wraps. I want to alleviate that mystery for my children. I am leaving them a legacy, in hopes that they would do the same for their families.

. I want to be more organized

. I want to start using my own handwriting

. I want to stop shopping so much and start scrapping more(this may never

. I want to document my daughter's journey thru epilepsy

. I want to start including myself in my scrapbooks

. I want to get published

. I want to start going to crops again

. I want to create a scrapbooking schedule, so I am consistent and stay current

. I want to become a IRW consultant

. I want to host my own crop and invite people who don't scrap with hopes to convert them.lo

. I want to involve my family more in my journaling, get their perspective

I guess that is about it. I live an breathe scrapbooking. It is a total creative outlet for me. I love everything about the hobby and am glad it found me.



Renee said...

These are great scrapbooking goals. I agree with you on the family history part. So many times, we have no idea about any part of our family history.

Bonzairn said...

LOVE your goals.... I think I could put them all on my blog.....