Thursday, February 02, 2006

What comforts me?

This was one of Meme's challenges awhile back. In time of desperation, it is good to know things that comfort us, things that make us feel at home, things that make us feel a sense of euphoria...Right now, I have turned to things that are comforting. My daughter was just diagnosed with epilepsy. The news was devastating to me. Earth shattering! Nobody, wants to hear their child has a serious illness, but immediately I turned to things that brought reassurance:

The sound of my mother's voice..
embrace from my husband
My bible
HOt Shower
Bubble Baths
Hot Chamomille Tea
My Bed
My bath robe
A great chickk flick ( Like Steal Magnolias)
Chunky Monkey Ice Cream
Kisses from my children
A Warm Blanket
A good book
Seeing smiles on my children's face
Mediation and Deep Breathing
Writing in my journal
My slippers and cute socks
Hot cappuccino (French Vannilla and Reese peanut butter cup)

Those are a few things that bring me comfort, they are my crutch in times of need? Thanks Meme! What a wonderful and thought provoking question. It was really therapeutic and brought forth insight.

What comforts you???


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