Sunday, February 26, 2006

I saw Madea's Family Renunion

It was funny as HELL!! My husband, my cousin, her boyfriend, and I went to see it last night. It was really good! Had some hella fine men in it too. I love me some Blair Underwood and Boris is fine as heck! I just kept smiling. Tyler Perry is a genius. I saw all the Madea plays and I am ecstatic that they decided it to turn the play into a film. I want to see Madea goes to Jail in a movie.....that is going to be awesome. My oldest son can really imitate Madea, he cracks me up. Madea reminds me so much of my own grandma, in her no NONSENSE

I have to go pick the kids up from my mom's. She just got home from Acapulco on Wednesday night and already came to collect her grandkids for the weekend. She spoils my kids rotten. They love her to death! I am getting some cleaning done, much easier to do without the kids. Then I am going to go have dinner with my parents and come home. The kids are going to be sooo upset I went to the movies without them. I will just let them go see it this weekend.

Don't walk, RUN to go see it! Two thumbs up!!



Michelle W. said...

Never even heard of the movie until you just mention it! When Blair Underwood is in a movie I'm in. LOL. Great actor but great behind as well.

oh yeah, it's grandma's duty to spoil the kids rotten. I think that's also their way to punish us for all the bad stuff we've done as kids? LOL


Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...

I want to see it! My parents went! I LVOE the plays too. Its SO much fun to see them live!!! and yes, BORIS is FINE, but Blair! Oh my, he made my day in set it off, when he stood in the door with those white linen pants on!!!!!

Dana Brooks said...

Tell me about. He is soooo sexy! I loved him, way back when he played Bobby Blue on One life to