Sunday, February 26, 2006

What annoys me...

I can post 20 pages on the things that my family does to annoy me, but I will try to my best to spare you the Let's see, I will start with my Mother-in-law, she is one of those people who thinks she knows EVERYTHING. She always has to say the opposite of what I say, for instance, alot of people think that my daughter looks like me, she will argue all day long that she looks nothing like me....only her son. She's also one of those people who thinks that they CAN SAY ANYTHING THEY WANT, without repercussion. She once told me that scrapbooking was a waste of GOOD PAPER. I wanted to tell her she was a waste of space, but decided that wouldn't go over to well with my She is so comparative too, If I say my son started walking at 7 and 1/2 months(this is true of my second son), she will say all my kids were walking at 6 months and they were all potty trained before the age of 1. She always feels the need to be better at something. She tries to challenge me on everything, but I know she's just jealous and insecure. She bugs me to no end!

My sister-in-law, is just like her mom! Except she is NOSEY as hell. She always comes to my house and she has to peek in every room. She has to go in my bathrooms and look all around. I am not Martha Stewart, but my house is always decent. And her house and her mom's house is always filthy.....GO FIGURE. LOL

My mom- She should have been a preacher. She's always telling me what to do. You need to do this, you need to do that? I am the youngest of 3, and I think she still thinks I am a baby, even though I am 31 years She also TELLS me what to do, but she will ASK my siblings. Hate that.

My dad- I love my dad, but he doesn't know how to communicate well. His delivery is always wrong. We are adults now...He still yells at my siblings and I, like we are teenagers and we sometimes get into these shouting matches. My dad is very ARGUMENTATIVE. He lives to argue! He should have been a lawyer. He will argue with a sign post. He is another person who doesn't care what he says. He speaks his mind at all costs. I can respect that to an extent, but I still feel that if you don't have anything nice to know the

My husband- He is sooo old fashioned in his way of thinking. He totally believes in the woman job is inside the house and the man works outside the house. He is super protective of my daughter and I. Sometimes can be overbearring, because he is always checking on me. He calls for hundred times a day and he stops by on his lunch. My daughter can't even mention she has male friends in his presence, but my son's can talk about girls all day long. He can be a bit obnoxious, he's fun, don't get me wrong, but sometimes he can be

My oldest son- He is a great kid, but he is in this mouthy stage. He's 13 going on 30. He can be a little self-centered at times. He constanlty wants, wants, wants, but sometimes gives nothing in return. He is very spoiled. Totally my parents fault! He was their first born grandchild and whatever he wants he gets..

My youngest son- He whines and cries alot! He is freaking 9 years old. I want to shake him and say snap out of it. He is a little bit too

My daughter- lets just say we bump heads. There is only enough room for one queen in the castle and she think she's the queen. Her dad has her so high on this pedistal, that she thinks she is untouchable. I have to give her a reality check every now and again...She is very fiesty! Extremely bossy! she wants what she wants when she wants Drives me nuts.

My brother- He can be so mean sometimes! He has a really bad temper and is sometimes unapproachable. He's also the pop up kid, what I mean by that is he's always popping up over my house without calling...I never do that! I don't mind, sometimes, but sometimes he didn't pick the right time, if you know what I

My sister- Very bossy! She thinks she can still tell me what to do and guess what sometimes I

Don't get me wrong, I love my family to death, but every now and again, I wished they came with a remote, so I can push the off



Michelle W. said...

oh Dana, I hate those people who think they know everything under the sun! Ugh. Also maybe your sister-in-law is checking in to see if you are on any medication? LOL.

Wow! I can't believe your husband's that old fashion, I think you are a lot more modern than him in those cases you mention.

Your mom and my grandma should get together! LOL. I know the preaching all too well. Oh man, that's why I'm afriad to pick up the phone sometimes.

Your kids will be ok, I think when they are little they are always a little spoiled because they know their family love them so much and willing to put up with it to a certain extend. Let them have their time, just wait until they bring their girlfriend home. Then it's your God-given right to embarrass the hell out of them!


Chit Chat From Divagirlrn said...

Gosh I so agree with having a remote control for your family. I wish I had one for my family lots of times.

Bonzairn said...

Girl you CRACK me up - how far from Windy city are you - we have got to have you to a crop. You would be the guest of honor - as long as you promise to tell more of your stories. HILLARIOUS!!!!!

Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...

HA! You sure that isn't MY MIL? LOL ....LOVE your blog! Im SO glad I found it! LOL

Tamika said...

Your mil should talk to my boyfriend. He is the most no holds barred, out spoken person I know. He never worries about keeping the peace. Now that is not always a good thing, but he catches people who don't like to be challenged off guard, and I enjoy watching their reaction, especially his family.