Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Getting to know ...

If I had a chance to get to know someone better by reading their blogs that would be awesome. I would love to read:\

Oprah's blog- I love her so much. She is such a phenomenal woman, I would love to have a peek into her life, seeing what makes her tick. I respect her so much~

LL Cool J- just for the eye candy. Pray for a web

Denzel Washington- above same reason. I think he is a total hottie and a wonderful actor.

Alicia Keyes- I really love her as an artist and think that she is a really down to earth person

Mike Epps- because he is so utterly funny! I probably wouldn't be able to get thru his blog without peeing my pants. Mike Epps has played in movies such as Next Friday, Friday after Next, All about the Benjamins, Fighting Temptations, Resident Evil Apocolypse, and recently played the garbage man in Roll Bounce.

Patti LaBelle- love her personality, she reminds me so much of my mom and she's a great cook love to get some recipes.

Zane- my favorite author....her stories are so erotically good, that I wonder what she would publish in those blogs of She is a literary genius.

Bill Clinton- I love this man. He is my favorite president and I would love to have a peek into his life.

Star Jones- I would really like to know how she lost all that weight. Boy she looks great!

Jesus-Could you imagine this....Would be great! Forget bible


Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...

ROFLOL!!! Love your list! Ive been trying to find LL COOL J video I need love ALL day long, can't find it anywhere! That man..............

BonnieRose said...

omg, I love your list.. Oprah.. god yes!!!
Star Jones.. yeah.. how did she lose all that weight?? I so admire OPRAH too... she's such a caring person... I would love to see a blog by any of the cast members of Lost.. god love that show! Your entries are rocking lately Dana!