Friday, February 03, 2006


Yessss! I am so glad this week is almost over. It has been a tumultous week for me. As you know, my daughter was diagnosed with epilepsy, she had horrible seizure on Saturday afternoon. She is at home and doing quite well. I guess I brace myself for the very worse and she is doing wonderful! Yesterday, I took her to build a bear and I am happy to report I am a grandma! Jaree brought home a health baby girl cat that she dubbed Alicia Brooks. She is absolutely gorgeous a white cat, with blue eyes.....I am so proud. We bought the baby some clothes, panties, shoes, socks, a cat bed, toys, choker, and purse to come home with. My bill was $83 bucks....sheesh! But, Jaree is worth it! Her dad, promised her as soon as she got home, and was feeling better he was going to take her, and he kept his promise. I didn't want to do too much! She got on the Merry Go Round(now that I think about it, this probably wasn't the smartest move). We ate. She went to Claires (she got a whopping 37 buckaroos, from family and friends while in the hospital..wohooooo) and bought the cutest Hello Kitty purse and bracelets. She still has 25 buckarooos to go! Maybe this weekend, we'll get to ToysRus and get some artsy stuff. She loves to draw and paint, so who knows. I am just doing whatever she wants. I am happy she's home. We already planned a trip back to Build a Bear next month.

I realized that I am truly blessed. Even though my daughter has epilepsy, I thank the Lord, every single day that she is still here. While she was in PICU, I saw so many parents lose their children. One happened in front of me, and it really broke my heart. A realized how precious, but yet fragile life can be. My heart went out to this couple who ceased life support for their 7 month old daughter, who had a twin to die prior. This little girl was absolutely gorgeous! I didn't ask what was wrong with her, but she looked normal to me. Around 3pm, Sunday the took her off life support and I have never heard a scream like that. Her mother let out a scream, that was so primal, I knew the little girl had passed on. I just cried. I had to pull myself together, because as a mother, I felt for her so bad. We love these babies, from conception...and to actually give birth and bond with your child and then you have to give them back to God... forgive me but I am a bit selfish. I want my children here with me. My heart just ached literally. I just couldn't get it together after that. Not knowing what I was facing with my own daughter at that point. That could have very well been Jaree. Thank Jesus, it wasn't!

I am truly blessed. My husband was right there with me, every single step of the way. My mother and mother in law, My sister and sisters in law, my best friend, cousin, aunts, everyone was pulling for Jaree. At one point the security guard came up and asked for her autograph. I was puzzled. He said" Anybody who has these many visitors, must be famous". I told him she is a celebrity in our eyes and that we are just a close family. Jaree had 23 visitors in one night! Christ Hospital was very nice too, because she is only allowed 2 visitors at a time, and we had about 20 people in one room, but she had a private room. So that was ideal!

I can't express enough gratitude for all the people who have expressed concern and sxtended their prayers for my daughter. It helps! Thanks!

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Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...

So glad your daughter is okay. I didn't know about the diag. Keep me updated on her! Email me !LOL