Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Moments of bliss

Today, I woke up on the RIGHT side of the bed! I got up early had some coffee cake and cappucino. Got the kids ready for school, got in the shower, layed in bed for a bit reading O magazine, one of my favorite non-scrapping magazines. My husband, who is still giving me the silent treatment decided to touch my arm. I know he wants to make up with me, but his pride is getting in the way. Thought I would break the ice and kiss him on the cheek. He couldn't resist and gave in and gave me plenty of kisses and cuddles. Bath and Body Works Breathe line always does the trick. No man can resist a woman who smells good and feels good. Love the way that line makes me feel.

We got up and went to the flea market, then to Best Buy, to get a new printer, turns out our printer was still under warranty and we ended up getting a new HP PSC1610, we originally had an Epson,but that was the second time it broke on us. So we decided not to go with that one anymore.

We went to Hog wild and got some Good ole Pork Chop sandwiches and roasted potatoes. It is the biggest broiled pork chop you have ever seen, topped with Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce....mmmm mmmm good! We came home watched One Life to Live. I am so mad, when the heck are they going to find out Todd's innocent and Margaret's psychotic crazy a$$ is still alive and kicking. I totally hate SPENCER TRUMAN and now I am starting to hate Blair Kramer. She is such a little slut bag!

Alright, getting back to reality ( I tend to get a little emotional over my soaps), I am going to my moms later this afternoon. She is going to Acapulco for 2 weeks tommorrow (wished it was me). I am such a momma's girl and I am going to miss her. These two years are going to seem like an eternity. My sister and I are going over to help her pack and go out to dinner. We are such big babies!

I guess I will be able to get a lot accomplished while my mom's gone, we talk 25 times a day. I am going to miss my baby sitter. She is the only one I trust with my daughter! They are peas in a pod!

My daughter is doing much better. Right now she is working on a strawberry shortcake puzzle, she received as a gift, from being in the hospital. My husband's coworkers are soooooo sweet! I am making thank you cards this weekend, so I can thank them all for their wonderful gifts and cards they gave to my daughter during the time she is ill. She loves getting cards and letters now, since she reads so well. She helps me open and reads alot of my mail. I have been reading alot about epilepsy and it's not so bad. However, I am taking her to Children's Memorial to get a second opinion. A second opinion is always good.

Overall, my day has been drama free and blissful. Wished all days can be like this. Plan to get alot of scrapping done tonight and this weekend. Can't hardly wait!



BonnieRose said...

have fun sbing! Don't u just love it when u have time to create? Omg.. talking to your mom that much in a day.. that wud drive me around the bend.. lol I love my mom dearly.. but indeed.. THAT would drive me nuts! lol
thks for sharing,

Karen S. Rea said...

Dana...I'm glad to see that your daughter is better...what you must be feeling???

I tried to call a bunch of times but you must not be getting the messages, I gave up...

We're cropping in Orland on Saturday and next Saturday in Downers Grove...call me or drop me a line...