Thursday, February 09, 2006

Defining Dana

My name is Dana Brooks.
def./ Dana- morning glory. That is the definition of my name. But If I had to define my self with letters in my name, I can come up with a more intimate view of who I am ...

D- Devoted. I am devoted in every walk of my life. As a mother, wife, scrapbooker, child of God, I am devoted in all things I do.
A- Addict- Yes I have an addiction. My addiction is

N- Nurturing. I am a very loving person, not only to the children I birthed, but to a sleuth of other individuals. Nieces, Nephews, Cousins, Friends of my children. I love children and it brings me joy to be around to help, guide, and love.
A- Atrticulate- I am very bright and intelligent. I value education.

B- Beautiful- Inside and out. Beauty fades, but your personality speaks volumes about who you are. I try my best to treat others the way I want to be treated
R- Reliable- When anyone is in need, I am there on the double.
O- Open Minded- I am open to anything. I try to keep a clear head and think things through. I hate judgemental people.
O-Obsessed- With taking pictures of my children ..they hate it sometimes
K- Kind Again, I treat others with the respect I want to receive in return
S- Scrapbooker - That little word speaks volume of who I am ...Scrapbooking is not just my hobby. It is my way of life. It's always on my mind and I do something scrapbook related everyday. Wheter its looking in idea book and magazines or going to a crop, scrapbooking is very much a part of who I am ...

Those words are but a small glimpse of who I am ...
but speaks volumes of who I have become



Harsha said...

Just surfed in..

Bonzairn said...

How great your list is! Impressed!

tracie said...

I wamt your name..LOL.. your list is amazing. I love that you have a s in your name for scrapbooking..That is a large part of me. Who knew that a hobby could be life changing.

have a great day

em said...

Love this :) My favorite is B...I love you you feel beautiful both inside and out. Everyone should feel this way...but most don't. Are you coming to Orland on Saturday to scrap??? I'd love to meet you!

Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...

Love your list Dana!!!!!

Debbie said...

Great name definition! Morning Glory - how beautiful!